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Welcome to a new horizon.

It's been months since I started this blog. I had big ambitions for running it, and it was the first time I decided to share my experiences and progress online.

I spent hours writing posts, tutorials, guides, and so on, but I never pressed the "Publish" button. It was as if the blog was for myself. I was never fully satisfied with what I wrote, so I would think, "No, I'll wait for a better version to publish it," and I never did.

Now, in 2024, I've decided to change a lot of things, starting with publishing—even if they're not the best articles in the web3 world. I need to post to improve my writing skills and face the public. Running this blog is one stone in the foundation I'm building. I have ambitious goals this year, and I will share some of them with you later. To achieve them, I need to stay focused on a determined plan.

The 2024 Plan

I've decided to write down a plan for the current year (it's still early, by the way, and it will be subject to changes). I'm going to show you what I'm preparing: my goals for the year and how I plan to reach them.

This will definitely help me to stay focused on my objectives, having a place where everyone can see my goals and judge what I accomplish. The coming articles will probably not be the masterpieces of my life, but I will certainly train and probably grow much quicker than by publishing only for myself.

Like the famous company slogan says, "Just do it."

So, what's the plan for 2024? Here are some quick insights into what I'm planning to do this year.


I'm gonna share everything on this blog and the main focus of my year will be to engage, communicate and build publicly. This will come by doing the following goals:

  • Write (and publish) Mercvry's article every month.
  • Be active on social medias. Firstly on X, will see if Medium is relevant. Reach 5k followers on X.
  • Engage in communities like Developer DAO (D_D).
  • Open-sourced a (used) web3 project.
  • Contribute to a web3 project.
  • Build my web3 company in public.

1/ The Mercvry's blog

I want to post at least one article per month on this blog. This one won't count, so let's say I'm going to publish ten articles this year. These articles will include tutorials, guides, and build-in-public projects. I'm also going to share my thoughts about the current DeFi ecosystem, the blockchain market in general, and a few personal interests in RWAs, Bitcoin, and so on.

What I can tell you right now is that some of the articles are already written, and I can share with you their topics:

  • Develop a lending / borrowing protocol on Polygon
  • Getting started with DeFi Development: The Ultimate Guide
  • Introducing Flambo, a terminal blockchain analysis tool
  • Many more

2/ Creating one open-source project

If you're a good reader, you might have read that I was talking about an unknown project named Flambo. I started this blockchain explorer / analysis tool few months ago and I found that it could modestly help community to analyse the blockchain easily while developing a web3 solution. No more need to interact with Etherscan. Everything can be done from your terminal.

I'm gonna work a bit more on the project and re-structure it. Afterwards I'm gonna move it to a public repository and open it to the community.

But that's not all! I'm also planing to contribute one open source project. I don't know exactly which one I'm gonna choose but I would love to train myself on Rust so I will consider any interesting web3 project using that language. Also, maybe helping with some typescript or python project would be awesome.
Some picks I'm already watching;

3/ Being much more involved in the community

I've already joined few communities in the past, but like I said, I've never been really involved in those communities. I was on many discords, TG channels or even forums and sub-reddits and the total of my posts and contributions are tending to the absolute zero.

I really want to change that and start sharing to the community as far I as can. Saying that, I'm gonna start engaging in D_D (aka Developer DAO) you can join here. I'm also planing to share much more on X as well and I will see there's any other interesting platform I can be useful to.

4/ Working on a top secret web3 project

Last but not least, there's one pretty little thing I've been dreaming about for months. It's all about a web3 project that I have to start—the momentum is here, so I guess I'm going to start working actively on this project.

I can't say much for now, but I will probably introduce a new concept on Twitter: #entrepreneurinpublic. I know there's a famous hashtag named #buildinpublic; it will be kind of the same but with the whole entrepreneurship process.

Nothing hidden, so you'll be able to follow my journey to build a web3 company.


Ambitious huh? But like we said in French "On a rien sans rien" (no pain no gain). This blog will be my lighthouse during the coming years to reach my goals and share my progress with you. I will use it for myself as well to have an archive of everything I done in the past, check my goals and achievements.

Hope you guy's enjoyed, let's see if I will make it.

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